HERCU Diesel – 10t, 12t, 14t, 16t, 18t, 20t, 22t, 25t, 28t, 30t, 32t, 35t, 37t, 42t, 50t, 55t, 57t, 60t, 65t.

• Diesel engine IVECO /Italy/ for forklift trucks

• Italian transmission Graziano Transmissioni

• Lifting height  at forklift trucks HERCU is from 2.8 to 6.5 meters

PDF Specification

HERCU Дизел Мотокар


• Hydro-dynamic one-speed/two-speed - GRAZIANO  for forklift trucks

• Non-stage movement regulation

• Smooth start on forklift trucks HERCU

• Reliability and durability

• Heavy duty features

• Easy maintenance and servicing

• Power take off


Engine IVECO

• Six-cylinder engine

• Power storage

• Environmentally friendly

• Fuel efficient when operating the forklift trucks HERCU

• Heavy duty features

• Easy maintenance and servicing

• Maintenance by the IVECO services worldwide in warranty period

Engine bridge

• Reliability when operating with the forklift trucks HERCU

• Load bearing capacity

• Security

• Heavy duty features

• In-built work ands stop brakes

• Easy maintenance and servicing

• Components


Lifting unit

• Reliability, robust construction, durability

• Excellent visibility when driving forklifts Hercu

• Broad range

• Various lifting heights – simplex, duplex, triplex

• Components: HOESCH, LIBE


• Reliability, robust construction, durability

• Compactness of forklift trucks HERCU

• Computer modelling and testing according to the FEM method

• Patent protected via: quality control of metals and welding

HERCU Дизел Мотокар

Brake unit

• Reliable braking with minimal effort

• Safety and ergonomic design

• Servo accelerometer FAG

• Wet disc brakes

Hydraulic unit

• Smooth loads processing

• Oil filtration up to 0,12 mm



Manageable bridge

• Reliability and safety

• High manoeuvring capacity

• Simplified construction

• Easy servicing

Positioning leveller

• Integrated in the construction

• Easy and convenient manoeuvring

• Reliable

HERCU Дизел Мотокар

Electric lightning, signalling, safety

• Designated for travelling on roads and working in non-lit areas

• Sound signalling for backward movement

• Rotating signalling lamp

• Seat with safety belt

• Components: HELLA, AMP, Grammer


Replaceable equipments /options/

• Forklift leveller

• Positioning device

• Positioning leveller

• Clamps for rolls and packs

• Pushers

• Rotator

• Forklift extenders and everything you need

Cabin /option/

• Flip-flop

• Luxurious

• Soft PVC

• Semi-cabin

• Good visibility

• Ergonomic design

• Noiseless